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New charges for alleged Chilliwack-to-Fort St. John drug runners

Police seek information on two men at-large
Warrants are out for the arrest of Raymond Morrissey and Mathew Thiessen, who have each been charged with possession for the purpose of tracking.

Charges have been approved against three members of an alleged Fraser Valley crime group caught transporting drugs to the Peace Region. 

The B.C. Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU) announced Tuesday that charges had been approved against three men who are part of what police are calling the Eheler drug syndicate.   

Police are seeking the public's help in finding two of the men who are still at-large. 

In May, the gang task force intercepted an alleged drug runner as he drove north to meet traffickers in Fort St. John, seizing $138,000 in cash, 1.8 kilograms of powder cocaine and 1.6 kilograms of crack cocaine. In 2014, the CFSEU seized weapons and $5.1 million in drugs from another Chilliwack group, some of which was bound for Fort St. John and Dawson Creek. 

Alleged ringleader Clayton Archie Eheler, a 33-year-old Chilliwack man, was charged with a count of possession for purposes of trafficking. He was arrested in Richmond last week. 

Raymond Morrissey, 59 years old, also of Chiliwack, is still at-large. He is charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. Also at-large is 29-year-old Mathew Jordan Thiessen, who faces the same charge. 

The group was arrested with the help of the Dawson Creek and Fort St. John RCMP detachments. 

"They're furthering their business," said CFSEU Cst. Jordan McLellan. "Anywhere there's a market for illicit drugs and money to be made, then any of these organzied crime groups that want to be business people go up to where the business is. Up north is where the money is these days."

RCMP say a number of crime groups are currently engaged in a "war" for control of the drug trade in Dawson Creek. Some of those groups include "franchises" from Alberta and the Lower Mainland.  

Anyone with information about the two men at-large is asked to call their local RCMP detachment or Crime Stoppers.