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Northern Health COVID-19 exposure types revealed

BC Centre for Disease Control stats reveal almost no 1,500 day tests in BC, in April.
This graphic pictured above is a piece of art. Not a real statistical graph.

Nanaimo's satellite online hotstove with MLAs and health officials Tuesday night revealed Northern Health exposure types and more.

During online debate concerning COVID-19, it was revealed that since January 1 to April 7, of Northern Health's COVID-19 cases - 39 percent entered the region by International and flight travel, 30 percent by local transmission, 17 percent by unknown transmission, and 13 percent by unknown or data still pending.

t was also noted the province tested more than 3,000 people across BC per day - twice in mid March.

Between April 1 to 20, more than 1,500 people were tested on one day only.

Statistics follow a seven day cycle with less testing results reported, and lower numbers reported on two or three days each week.

Both the BC CDC and Ministry of Health notes serious outcomes (such as death results) may be short due to time it takes to report and process these types of more serious updates.

Statistics will be inputted based on when they arrive - and there may be some lag time for more serious confirmations of death or critical care patients.