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School District 60 Continuity of Learning Information for Families

School District 60 has released the following Continuity of Learning Information for Families: Key Points for Families In-class instruction is cancelled. There is no date when regular classes will resume.

School District 60 has released the following Continuity of Learning Information for Families:

Key Points for Families

  • In-class instruction is cancelled. There is no date when regular classes will resume.

  • Schools will be working from March 30-April 3 to retool towards supporting home learning.

  • Schools aim to get materials to families starting the week of April 6.

  • Planning to support vulnerable students is ongoing. Families in need will be contacted about support.

  • Learning is important and it should continue at home.

  • Learning at home does not need to be the same in length of time or delivery as at school.

  • Teachers will be communicating regularly with families and students.

  • Public should not enter school buildings without a specific invitation and time. Schools will be in touch about plans to safely enter to retrieve any items needed.

Education Continuity

On March 17, 2020 the Government of British Columbia suspended in-person K-12 classes in order to reduce COVID-19 infection rates. It is unknown when, but students will return to classrooms sometime in the future when it is deemed safe to do so by the Provincial Health Officer and Ministries of Health and Education. It is important in the meantime that students continue to read, write, practice and learn about their curricular areas to limit learning loss.

School teams will be responsible for developing plans for learning delivery. This planning begins the week of March 30 to April 3, 2020. We aim to have materials coming home for learning starting in the week of April 6, 2020.

Learning activities provided by teachers are not expected to fill every minute of the usual day while children are learning at home. No one expects to replicate the regular classroom schedule into the home. It is not business or learning as usual. Learning progression is important and our continued focus on literacy, numeracy, and wellness will help us in these difficult times and after we return to normalcy.

Students are central to everything. Continuing learning for students will enable them to grow in their skills and be prepared for when we all return to classrooms. Learning at home will be a different experience for many and a focus on their studies will enable students to keep on track.

Teachers will be providing educational support to parents and students while in-person classes are suspended. This will take a variety of forms and be delivered through a variety of ways. Teachers already using an online learning management system such as Learn60 Google Classroom, Moodle, or apps like Freshgrade are encouraged to continue to do so to distribute lessons to students and parents. Teachers can also use video conferencing tools to connect one on one or with larger groups of students. Teachers will also connect with parent contacts and students via email and phone. For some of our communities internet access is limited or not present. In those cases schools and teachers will need to determine ways to safely distribute materials.

Parents are an active partner in their child’s education. This is even more important now. Parents will be a conduit between teachers, the distributed learning resources, and their children. Younger children will need more support from their parents. Older students that have utilized a variety of technology tools with their teachers may need less support.

On top of what teachers will provide we encourage students and parents to consider all the rich learning opportunities in your home, and outside spaces. Cooking involves programming, mathematics, chemistry, and applied design skills and technology. Daily Journal writing will keep language arts skills sharp. Building a budget will help with mathematics and personal planning. Play board games and cards, read for pleasure, and get together online and play some games. Try to keep a balance between screen/online time and offline time. Get outside and move making sure to follow any guidelines at the time about groups and social distancing.

Even though we are apart, Together We Learn.

Timeline and Level of Service

School teams will be taking the first week after spring break, March 30 - April 3, 2020 to plan for learning at home. We aim to have materials available starting the week of April 6, 2020 to support the continuation of learning at home.

Teachers of grade 12 students eligible to graduate in June 2020 will be working to support their students so they are able to complete their courses successfully.

In grades 10 & 11 teachers will be working to support students in completing their course work.

In grades K-9 teachers will be working to keep students engaged and progressing in their learning.

Our non-enrolling teachers and support staff will be working with school teams to support students and learning.


Teachers will be connecting regularly with students and families by phone calls, emails through our student information system to parents and students, or via other electronic means.

Parents that have not provided an email address to their school are encouraged to contact your school with an email address if possible.

Official Directions

On March 17, 2020 a Health Emergency in regards to COVID-19 was declared in British Columbia. Orders from the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) are in effect immediately. SD60 Staff will follow directions from the PHO.

In-person classroom instruction has been cancelled effective March 17, 2020 with an unknown date of return.

For information on COVID-19 please see the BC Centres for Disease Control website at

For updates from SD60 regarding COVID-19 please see our webpage at

Technology Assisted Learning

Schools and teachers will work to ascertain what technology is available to families.

School teams will be working to support families with or without technology. Some live events online will be available in the coming weeks and months however we are not moving everyone to online learning. We recognize that some families, and communities will not be able to participate through technology. Where that is the case school teams will support families by other means.

Social Emotional Learning

SD60 recognizes that this is a stressful time for children and families. Please see the attached letter from our Director of Instruction, Carleen Andrews, which gives advice on how to best work through anxiety and stress with young people. Managing-Stress-and-Anxiety-Supporting-our-Children

Vulnerable Students

Meals Program

School teams are working on ways to get meals to students that were receiving support through our meals program. Families will be contacted. Families can also contact their school if they have any concern.

At-Risk Students

School teams are working on ways to stay connected with at-risk students and their families. A variety of supports are being explored and students and families will be contacted. Families and students can also contact their school if they have any concerns.

Social & Creative

School teams will explore ways how students could socialize constructively online.

Creativity and innovation have always been encouraged in our district. Our teachers may be communicating with parents about innovative approaches and seeking permission. Where parents do not provide permission, an alternate method of delivery would be required.

Schools will consider how they can continue to support their learning community via online assemblies or other approaches.

Schools and families are encouraged to collect and share examples of learning in homes.

Online Resources

The technology team is developing a public website ( that will highlight digital resources to support learning. This website will include

  • How-to tutorials for educators

  • Digital Citizenship and Safety

  • Digmore Licensed Learning Resources

  • Pathways for technology support

  • Public livestreamed learning opportunities

  • Curated list of free digital learning resources that are available online, example lesson ideas, virtual museum tours, virtual zoo tours

  • Highlight of learning successes

Transition Planning for Return

Every student will receive a final mark, and all students on track to move to the next grade will do so in the fall. For grades 10 and 11 students, graduation assessments will be postponed. Every student eligible to graduate from Grade 12 this year will graduate. The only graduation assessment required for current Grade 12 students is the Grade 10 numeracy assessment. The Ministry of Education will ensure Grade 12 students who have not yet completed this assessment and who are otherwise on track to graduate are able to meet this graduation requirement.

The ministry will also work with the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training and with post-secondary institutions on admissions and the smooth transition of graduating students in this extra-ordinary year.

District Communication Channels

Our district communication channels include our primary channel, , social media via & , and email.


Please direct any questions about continuity of learning to your school administrator or teacher first.

For any further questions about continuity of learning please contact Director of Instruction Jarrod Bell - - 250-262-6011