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Peace Region celebrates its mothers

Tina Westergaard has been a mother for 21 years, and has volunteered with the Fort St. John Mother’s Day Rotary Run and Walk each of the three years it’s been around.

'Temporary' Prophet River First Nation Day School to be replaced – 21 years later

After a 21-year temporary solution, Prophet River First Nation will receive a permanent school for its children next year. “We’re just very happy we got it,” said Andy Calahisen, who is in charge of capital works for Prophet River.

Crime in the North is double the national average: StatsCan

Crime rates in Northern B.C. are more than double the national average and nearly two times worse than those the province's south, according to new data from Statistics Canada.

Charlie Lake Fire Department torch old house for practice

A house that played a role in the construction of the Alaska Highway a half-century ago became centre-stage for a Charlie Lake Fire Department training exercise on the weekend.

Upper Pine ranked best school in Peace Region

A conservative think tank’s report card on elementary education in British Columbia gave School District 60 higher scores on average than those in School District 59.

No promises on Fair Share after 2015: province

Municipalities in Northeast B.C. have been promised they will receive the Fair Share money they were expecting this year, but anything beyond 2015 is up in the air.

To find underground water, researchers take to the sky

To learn more about water hidden beneath the earth, researchers are taking to the clouds.

Thirteen awesome things to do in the Peace Region this weekend

A slower weekend for public events, check 'em out below. Send in any event you have planned or upcoming to: , or phone me: 250-782-4888 ext. 118.

Court sides with province in teacher's dispute

The British Columbia Court of Appeal sided with the B.C. government in a dispute with the province's teachers that spans more than a decade.

April 30 arrives with no Fair Share deal

April 30 has arrived, and the province and Peace Region municipalities have yet to sign a new Fair Share deal. What happens now? No one seems quiet clear.