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Child trafficking movie Sound of Freedom opens in Mile Zero

A film designed to get people talking.
Solid rescue story with real-world underlining.

A popular film shining a light on international child trafficking plays in Mile Zero this week. 

In the vein of Traffic, Syriana or Crossing Over, some 15 years ago now comes Sound of Freedom. Sound of Freedom is a much more realistic look at the same situation as Taken - but not boiled down to a Liam Neeson phone call

Sound of Freedom shines a light on child trafficking and its fallout. International crimes in many cases.  What happens to the children and where they are taken and what they do.

Here Jim Caviezel tracks down a specific sister, to reunited them with siblings. While at PG-13, some of the sequences - simply knowing they are about children are haunting enough. Caviezel carries this picture - his character is a utility in the same way Chris Hemsworth's role in a couple of Extraction films has been.

The film does gloss over the finding an tracking down of the child rings – often a cut or two and Caviezel is somehow right on their trail with little logic or reason. Tackle the Epstein case in the next film and you can greenlight a sequel to this faster than you can say Sound of Freedom II: Electric Boogaloo.

An issue-based film that will have people talking and plays this week in the Creek throughout the week.

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