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Equalizer 3 – Denzel, Fuqua bring the goods to Mile Zero

Great sweeping shots of Italy, fantastic hand to hand, sound design, and score.
Dakota and Washington. Man on Fire 2.

E3 is a solid movie with some action bits – and perhaps the greatest tourism video for the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

The third incarnation of Washington’s McCall (based on the 1980s television show finds him in similar territory plotwise to Magnificent Seven (the original, not the remake with Washington) and Man on Fire (again the original, not the remake with Washington).

The hand to hand stuff here is as good as Wick, and Washington, like Liam Neeson has transitioned from dramatic actor to late blooming action star both under the partnership with a couple directors.

Antoine Fuqua is right there with Tony Scott on action direction and coverage. 

Equalizer 3 sees retired McCall almost on vacation. Other than a weak opening plot point that is never revisited – the film is much in the vein of the American tourist in a foreign land trope, as well as a couple others. Some Frantic, some The Hunted with Lambert, and throw in some Spy Game from Pitt and Redford a generation ago, away we go.

And the weak opening plot point never revisited ? Can certainly be tapped for a fourth of fifth film down the line.

Great sweeping shots of Italy, fantastic sound design and score.

Playing this week in the Creek.

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