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MIRROR TALKS: video interview with goldsmith Briana Mercier

Strike it rich.
What kind of dogs do gold panners like most? Golden retrievers.

We mine the depths of the alchemy of working with heavy metals with northern BC goldsmith Briana Mercier.

We had a conversation with her about the fine art of working with high end metals.

“Silver and gold are both very maliable add a heat and a little hammer – you can create and recreate many things. Over and over – which there is not too many matters like this,” says Mercier.

“When I was at UNBC – I made and sold beaded jewellery with my sister and sell it at farmer’s markets.”

Mercier realized early on a practical and professional there were outlets for the profession.

Those in attendance during any metalsmith workshops will learn to make items such as rings, earrings, and pendants.

“If they have questions, I am there to help them.”

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