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Scream VI: great entry into series

Slashing into the Creek!
Slashing into Mile Zero.

I like how the original two films were created so quickly – picking up on the meta horror touched on by director of Scream 1-4 Wes Craven in New Nightmare earlier in the 90s.

Looking back almost 25 years - Scream 3 is from the era that is has a Jay and Silent Bob cameo, and a crossover with the View Askew Universe.

Scream 4 picks up some decade later, while 5, released just last year was another reload in the era of reloads and reboots.

Six takes Ghostface, like Jason before him, to the big city. Gone are the one or two house party sets, and Scream VI is more of the Hollywood style of the third installment.

This one is economical, brings back characters from the original film as well as 3 and 5, and again ties more psychotic killers into people attached to Woodsboro. It also leaves plenty of avenues for another film or two.

There are no plot giveaways as there are in 2 – the deaths are mid gruesome as you can get for for a Scream flick, and there are plenty of red herrings here to keep things interesting.

Much like Saw; the franchise is folding in on itself a bit – where there are only so many characters to bring back – and new characters seem to be echoes of previous ones from the original run of films.

Scream VI opens in Dawson Creek this week.

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