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Addicts and more impact downtown core: struggles continue

"I would like to see a reform to how the building is managed."

Parents of children attending KPAC's daycare and more have concerns about their neighbours across the street. The challenges of a daycare being neighbours with a three-storey drug/addictions recovery complex on 104 Avenue are many and daily.

One parent whose child attends the daycare adjacent to the apartments has concerns about the safety. 

“I shouldn’t have to explain to my kids why that guy is either amidst of a withdrawal, or an overdose.” 

KPAC executive director Johanna Martens agrees.  

“The current situation with the BC housing unit is in direct violation of our children's rights and I would like to see a reform to how the building is managed," she said. 

“We would like to see the BC housing unit turn from a wet facility that operates under the BC residential tenancy agreement into a dry facility that offers a road to recovery with the proper supports in place to help the residents."   

 Duncan Malkinson, executive director of the DC and District Chamber of Commerce says the issue is complex, and not one to be solved easily.      

“We’ve got to work together as a community to confront and understand addiction, crime, and make sure there’s a path for the road to recovery.”

 One facility resident said Thursday afternoon they were a resident to get help.

"I’m not here by choice.”   

Martens said as it relates to KPAC and daycare parent concerns – the concern is clear, and hoped for a public meeting on the matter with key downtown stakeholders.

 "I believe that our children have the right to grow and thrive in an environment free from harm and violence.

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