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Bumstead provides a Bulterys House update

“The society has gone through trials and tribulations."
Dale Bumstead provides an update to PRRD directors on the completion of the Bulterys House.

Dale Bumstead was on hand at the PRRD to provide an update for directors to the status of the Bulterys House – a long gestating health housing project in Dawson Creek.

“The society has gone through trials and tribulations,” he said.

The current Board of Directors was elected in December 2021 after the en masse resignation of the Board.

“The uphill road looked very steep, we got the society back on track in 2021.”

 A special meeting was called by members to have a new Board of Directors elected. The current Board assumed responsibility for the South Peace Health Services Society (SPHSS) operations at that time,” he said.

Once the new board was able to begin to plan for the completion of the Bultery’s House and the Carriage House. The Board had a $17K liability to Celtic Construction for the Carriage House.

“Once this was settled, only minor work was outstanding, and the Carriage House was ready to be furnished. The Board undertook to furnish the Carriage House at the cost of approx. $15K,” Bumstead said.

“Unfortunately the utilities were shut off at the facility for two years – and this completely heaved the basement,” Bumstead said.

“We had to facilitate repairs to this heaved basement.”

The SPHSS then negotiated with Northern Health, who were interested in leasing the Carriage House to accommodate the visiting agency nurses in Dawson Creek. Bumstead noted last summer negotiations began with Dawson Creek Society for Community Living.

“This is a regional facility that services all of northern BC really,” he said.

“2022 allowed us to finish construction and furnish the facility, and turned it over to DCSCL earlier this year – and we are ecstatic to have this completed.”

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