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Cocaine Bear: Jaws in the forest, with bears (on narcotics) instead of sharks

A high-camp film here.
"'If you want to hang out, you've gotta take her out...' hey Clapton was right!"

Like Cowboys and Aliens, or Snakes on a Plane - the concept is all in the title. The trick is the execution of the one line plot-of-a-movie magic trick.

Almost every 'animal versus nature' film these days owes a debt to Jaws.

Such as Grizzly, Orca, Lake Placid, Sukunka, and more. And Cocaine Bear is no different.

Cocaine Bear is easily Elizabeth Banks’ most complete picture in terms of director’s vision. The movie is self effacing and fun - something every movie should aspire to when the producers realize they aren’t dealing with Oscar fodder.

The plot starts not too dissimilar to most zombie flicks - a chemical spills into nature. In this case, it is cocaine being tossed from a drug dealers’ plane.

While the performances of the leads are great - I think there are too many characters to A: keep track of, and B: few to sympathize with.

Jesse Ferguson, Ray Liotta, Keri Russell, and Alden Ehrenreich are all fantastic, some of the younger performances are a bit of a miss.

The plot, which is Jaws in the Forest with a cocaine-fueled bear, really does not develop after the first 30 minute set up. It is a a great fun movie heading into spring.

“Based on true events...” is likely the truest part of this romp. 

Cocaine Bear "lines up" this week to the Creek.


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