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Getting down with the sickness

From the desk of Hannah O’Brien. It could be a laptop, we don't actually know.
Get up, come on get down with the sickness. Oh, ah, ah, ah, ah.
Get up, come on get down with the sickness. Oh, ah, ah, ah, ah.

When you’re a parent a lot of things disappear; money, freedom, a discernable waistline. 

I anticipated most of the changes becoming a parent brings but there have been a few surprises.  I figured once my child reached preschool age she’d bring home some germs and we’d get the occasional cold. However, I feel like I’ve been sick since 2016 (that’s not true I’m being dramatic, but I have been sick a lot lately.)  

In my pre-child life if I got sick I’d stay home from work and be good as new in a few days. But when you’re a parent with a young child at home and you get sick, you’d best prepare for this sickness to be a doozy. Getting rid of a parent-cold will take double the time of a pre-child cold because you don’t get a sick day. There’s no time to just lay on the couch in your bathrobe with Kleenex watching the History channel.  While you may want to NyQuil yourself into oblivion you can’t because there’s still laundry to do, meals to be cooked, activities to attend, baths to be taken, and bedtime stories to be read.  Not having a sick day at home was one of the pre-child things I did not anticipate disappearing.  

That’s why I wish parents who have fallen ill had a place to go and just be sick. Like a sick spa, but with a less disgusting name.  No household chores, no kids clamoring for yogurt, no distractions, just you and your depleted immune system.  I picture it to be something like a regular day spa.  There will be soft robes and comfy slippers.  Soothing nature sounds mixed with new age music will play softly throughout the spa.  The lighting creates a perfect ambience for the client to slip into a cold medicine induced coma whilst laying on a chaise with a heating pad and a fluffy blanket.  Each client will have their own TV, and the employees will bring chicken soup and tea around.  Exhausted parents can finally rest and recuperate and feel better in the morning.  

Perhaps it’s the Neo-Citran talking, or the lack of ample sleep, but right now I wish such a place existed.  

It doesn’t but I am learning that the chores can wait and my husband will take over bath and bedtime duties. If I ask, I have family nearby who will take my child so I can steal a nap on the couch.  It’s okay to order take-out dinners and I’m allowed to say no to some obligations.  It might not be the sick spa but its downtime and it’ll help heal the parent-cold. 

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