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On back seat driving

The writing Robin continues.
Write your own offensive meme this week.
Write your own offensive meme this week.

 Have you ever been a backseat driver? 

Have you ever noticed the view is different, and the speed seems to be a whole lot faster from the passenger seat? When I was a lot younger, I was a quiet driver from the back seat. But the wild eyed look, or I can drive better, always gave me away.

Some of the front seat drivers perfected the 'don’t you dare say a word' look, I actually used the same glare in the mirror. When I graduated to the front seat, behind the wheel. Especially with a foot that was a tad heavy. There was a rule in the family car, an unspoken rule. 

“No backseat driving!” I did have one backseat driver that scared the stuffing out of me when she hollered; “Oh look there is a moose.” the moose was in the field, in the meantime I was looking for the one on the road.

I have been a professional at doing the backseat driving for a few years, for medical reasons. And yes, the view is still different to this day.


On humility

Is humility a quality that is connected with being successful? Yes I believe it is, of course though when I am doing something well there is that part in me, that wants to shout; “Hey World look at me!” 

However; although it is necessary in a small way it is also easy to get carried away. In order to find it we must first find out what it is. Part of the quality is the ability to say thanks for a well deserved compliment or feed back.

Humiliation is a different word all together, that is a five hundred dollar word for putdowns, which really serves no purpose at all. So how do we get humility? I think it is something that requires a lifetime of practicing. Being able to be realistic about the good qualities we have and knowing there is more to work on! Will I know when I have true humility, the fact of the matter is I don’t know?


On Perry White

The press hat was coveted by many journalists, but only a few received the famed hat. 

A hand made fedora is expensive and not easy to obtain. All of the newspaper editors in British Columbia would meet in Vancouver, for a yearly conference. To swap ideas and stories. After putting in many long hours,  setting the presses, and hand delivering the news, the hat box came to his community. The local editor has many hats, and it only seems fitting that there is one more.

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