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Anonymous donor gifts $25,000 to Fort St. John Hospital Foundation

Donor wished to remain anonymous and receive no personal recognition

The Fort St John Hospital Foundation has recently received a generous and anonymous $25,000 donation.

The donor wished to remain anonymous and receive no personal recognition, said Executive Director Niki Hedges.

Hedges called the significant donation “a gift of inspiration" that will be put toward the Foundation's Greatest Needs Fund for new equipment at the hospital and Peace Villa.

“Our Hospital is a center that so many people in the community and area rely on for local medical health care. Providing medical teams with up to date equipment is vital to providing the best care for the patients they serve," Hedges said.

"Our Foundation is very grateful to all our donors and supporters, especially a private donor such as this, whose wish is to support the health and well-being of the community, touching us all in one way or another, our friends, families and neighbours."

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