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Beatton 4-H Club Report - Summer recap

Harlan Geisbrecht shares what the Beatton 4H Club was up to all summer since we last heard from him.
Beatton 4H
The Beatton 4H Club members and their families.

Hello I am Harlan Giesbrecht, back again for the September report for the Beatton Community 4-H club. Today I will tell you all about what happened through-out the 4-H summer.

The Beatton Community 4-H club has done quite a lot since my last report in June, such as achievement days and the 4-H show at the Dawson Creek Fall Fair. 

In early July we had our club achievement days in Cecil Lake at a member's farm. The farm had stalls and a nice riding arena, and it was the most ideal place we could find and it was a blast. We had to do our achievement days privately, because of the Covid-19 restrictions, but we all still had a blast even though it rained one day. The day we did our trail ride it was nice and sunny, so we went on a nice warm long trail ride. 

This summer's Dawson Creek Exhibition was super fun. I only showed in the 4-H show but I still had fun, even if I had to wake up at five-thirty in the morning. The show started at nine with showmanship class, then western pleasure, then western equitation, then finally the English riding classes. Even though I don’t ride English it was still fun to watch. Our club did really well and we got multiple firsts, and my sister with her miniature horse got 3rd place in the showmanship class. Even the judge said it was cute. 

I am not sure how the club did for the English part, I didn’t watch that far into it (I went to the fast food and lemonade stand), so... yeah, I’m not sure, but I think we did pretty good. 

At the North Peace Fall Fair our club had many members compete in the light horse show. Not me this year. No, I did the goat show this year, mostly because it was cold that morning and I’m weak, so I did something else. It was a great learning experience and I am glad I did it. I also entered Lego and my rabbit and a chicken, and a budgie (parakeet). 

To improve my horse training abilities, I have enrolled in an eight-week colt training program with 4-H yearling project Fiddler. Fiddler and I are learning so much, and I can’t wait to show him and do 4-H with him next year. It is very beneficial for a horseman or any other person training animals to do clinics (lessons with animals) to learn more about what they do. Whether it’s riding lessons, ground work, or massage therapy for animals, it’s all important to learn these skills so you can become a better animal trainer and rider. 

Most horse riders and trainers have the most fun spending their time in the saddle on a trail or in a show; I know that is my favourite pass-time. I recently saw a quote that I totally agree with: 

“There is no hour of life wasted that is spent in the saddle”
— Winston Churchill

— Harlan Geisbrecht, Beatton 4H Club Reporter