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Bob Zimmer re-elected to fourth term as MP

Aalmost 800,000 mail-in ballots to be counted
Bob Zimmer - Question Period 2016
Bob Zimmer is the Federal Conservative MP for Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies (via The Canadian Press/Adrian Wyld)

Bob Zimmer was re-elected a fourth term in parliament in Monday night’s election, with 28,338 ballots marking his name, and giving him 60% of the popular vote.

Zimmer, first elected in 2011, returns to Ottawa again with the Conservatives as the official Opposition. 

As of Tuesday morning, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals were elected to another minority government, leading or elected in 158 electoral districts — 12 short of a majority government of 170. Erin O'Toole's Conservatives were leading or elected in 119 districts, and were leading nationally with 35.2% of the popular vote.

“It’s just a really good show of support for us and we appreciate everybody’s votes today, you just never know how elections turn out and I’m just so thankful for the support we have going into the fourth term,” said Zimmer.

“I think we have work to do. We’ve seen some of the other groups who have drawn Conservative votes and we have work to do just to gain those voters’ trusts and obviously across Canada we have work to do to even form a minority government.

“Being 10 years on the job, I’ve learned how to make a difference, whether it be local or national. You just have to push and work hard and I’ve seen it work. We were hoping to make that difference as government, but we will continue on working for the people of Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies.”

According to Elections Canada, 46,632 of 79,952 registered electors voted in the riding, for a turnout of 58.32%. There were 16,214 votes cast during advance polls.

Preliminary Results

  • Bob Zimmer (Conservatives) - 28,338

  • Cory Grizz Longley (NDP)  - 6,928

  • Ryan Dyck (PPC) - 4,917

  • Amir Alavi (Liberals) - 4,002

  • Catharine Kendall (Greens) - 1,559

  • Dave Jeffers (Maverick) - 14,66

  • Phil Hewkin (CCF) - 52

Nationally, Jagmeet Singh's NDP were leading or elected in 25 electoral district, while Yves-François Blanchet's Bloc Québécois was leading or elected in 24 districts. The Greens were at two.

There are also almost 800,000 mail-in ballots to be counted, starting Tuesday, which could yet change the preliminary results in many of those tightly contested seats.

Zimmer said his priority and that of his party will be to kickstart the national economy that’s suffered greatly during a pandemic that’s dragged on since March 2020.

“We’ve talked about getting our energy sector firing on all cylinders again and we can do great for the environment and the energy sector all at the same time and really start to see some of that come to fruition, and we’ll see if the Liberal government will do it,” he said.

“I know our economy is struggling right now. Inflation is double what the Bank of Canada projected it to be and we’re in deep waters. My hope is the prime minister will see we do need to get our natural resource sectors going again.”

He aims to convince the Liberals of the need for a pipeline that will deliver Western Canadian-produced oil and gas to eastern Canadian markets, while continuing to try to develop green energy initiatives.

Returning to Ottawa with Zimmer is Cariboo-Prince George MP Todd Doherty, who will be serving his third term after winning around 50% of the vote Monday night.

“I think being elected for a third time is an incredible honour,” said Doherty.

“People were frustrated we were in the middle of an election to begin with. I think overwhelmingly that was the message ‘why are we in this election?’,” said Doherty. “I think this was a huge waste of money. Think about what that money could have went to and the good that it could have done across our nation.”

— with files from the Prince George Citizen