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Consumer Alert: product recall of Tums peppermint

Warning covers specific lot number; may contain fibreglass,, paper, aluminum foil
Health Canada is reporting the recall of a line of Tums product believed to contain fibreglass, paper, and aluminum foil.

A particular flavour of a popular antacid is being pulled from store shelves due to a reported contamination.

Tums peppermint regular strength tablets, sold in packages of three, is part of a limited cross-country recall announced late Wednesday.


TUMS Peppermint Regular Strength 500mg

According to a release from the Health Canada:

“Some tablets were found to contain fragments of fibreglass and other material, including paper and aluminum foil,” it warned.

For now, the warning only covers tablets from a specific lot number: HA7H, NPN 01970240

The product had been available for purchase since Oct. 25, 2022.

“If consumed, the fragments should pass through most people's digestive systems with no concern; however, elderly people and people who have narrow areas in their intestines because of disease or surgery may be at risk of injury,” added the recall notification.

Health Canada is recommending anyone who may have taken the antacid, and might be concerned, to contact a health care professional.

It’s also suggesting the tablets be brought back to the pharmacy they were bought at for proper disposal.

A toll-free number has also been provided for questions and concerns: 1-888-788-8181.

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