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Fort St. John handing out accolades at Community Awards

For Jeannette Johnston, “just the nomination” for the Fort St. John Community Awards is winning enough.

For Jeannette Johnston, “just the nomination” for the Fort St. John Community Awards is winning enough.

About two weeks ago, she and about a dozen others gathered at her home to make the multi-coloured eggs used for the Kin Club's annual Easter Egg hunt in Kin Park the next day.

This kind of unpaid volunteerism is not normally recognized, but Johnson and her husband Blair were one of about 32 people and groups in a variety of category named as nominees.

Some of them were nominated before, but did not walk away with a prize.

The Humanitarian Award, which Johnston was nominated for, recognizes those whose spirit and actions have made a positive difference in the community.

Nominees included, along with Jeanette and Blair Johnston, Bruce Kosugi; Adam Richard; Lindsey Soderholm; Dr. Willie Watt and Dr. Richard Moody; the Fort St John Association for Community Living; the Fort St. John Hospital Auxiliary; Northern Environmental Action Team (NEAT); Peace Valley Environment Association (Paddle for the Peace), and the Women's Resource Society.

One of the nominees, Lindsey Soderholm, helps run “Mom to Mom” — a community support group for other mothers in the year. She believes this work helped her grab the nomination.

For one of the board members of Mom to Mom, Soderholm’s selfless nature also played a role.

“[Soderholm] will give everything [she has],” said Alice Dettling.

“Even if we don’t win, it’s very exciting to be out there and have people recognize the things that we do,” said Soderholm.

Other categories include the Cultural Award, which recognizes volunteer efforts in the local arts scene. Heather Hannaford, Sue Popesku and the Pan African Caribbean Association were

The Literacy Award recognizes people who contributed towards literacy, language, multiculturalism and community issues in Fort St. John.

Amy Cosens, David Rattray and Sherri Williams were all nominated.

The Youth Award is meant to honour people under 19 who positively contributed to the community. This year’s nominees included Taylor Devos, Taniesha Fisher and Victoria Platzer.

The Recreation Award, which honoured local sports and recreation volunteers, has 11

Dan Bonin, Neil Evans, Laura Farquhar, Pat Ferris, Michael Friesen, Wim Kok, Barb McCracken, April Spurn, De-Ann & Richard Stickel, and the Elks Speed Skating Club were nominated.

“There’s many people in Fort St. John who put a lot of time and effort into lots of activities that happen and help our city grow to what our city is,” said Karen Cranston, one of the nominees. “People put so much time in and the local companies that support the activities that make this a better place to live.”

The Mayor’s Award “recognizes an individual that has achieved positive notoriety outside our community for their actions.”

Two people are competing for this position – Cadet leader Ken Lane and Whiskey Jack Nordic Ski Club President Eliza Stanford.

The Awards Ceremony is set for 7 p.m. at The Lido on April 16.