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Northern B.C. hunter produces wildlife documentary

'Through Our Eyes' gives a glimpse into the experience of hunting in northern B.C.
A screen shot from 'Through Our Eyes'.

A Prince George-based filmmaker has produced a short film called “Through Our Eyes,” which illustrates the lifestyle of a hunter, but through a wildlife documentary.

Tanner Dannish, who grew up in Dawson Creek but now lives in Prince George, always had the idea to show the nature and beauty of how a hunter tracks on the landscape through a documentary style-film.

He had a limited entry tag to go caribou hunting in northern B.C. and took the opportunity to finally make the film.

“I thought it was a good opportunity to highlight the magnificent of that area in and the caribou that really need a lot of effort to help recover.”

The nearly 30-minute film follows Dannish and his friend Jeff Augustino as they traverse the landscape near Atlin, B.C.

Dannish funded the film through his handmade sporting goods company called Frontiersman Gear, with the support of a conservation organization called Blood Origins and the Wild Sheep Society of B.C.

“As hunters we are conservationists first,” said Dannish.

“We as hunters, we use a resource which is this land and the waters on it, and because of that we want to conserve it.”

Dannish said the film attempts to show the way of life as hunters, interactions with animals, and the beauty of nature and how conservation and hunting can work together.

 “We all have to work together to make sure that this planet is even around in the next 50 to 100 years, and that there's animals on it and a healthy place for us to live.”

Dannish said he hopes the film can provide some education and insight into hunting.

“Growing up in Dawson, and even a lot of the smaller communities, hunting is pretty commonplace. If you don't hunt, you know somebody that does,” said Dannish.

“But the adventure of hunting is a weird concept for somebody that has grown up in an urban landscape or a city.”

Dannish said he was pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback from the film.

“My biggest thing is that we all need to work together for a bigger cause.”

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