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Property tax deadline next week

The average Fort St. John homeowner will pay about $175 more in property taxes this year

The deadline to pay property taxes in Fort St. John is almost here.

Taxes are due by the end of business day Monday, July 4 to avoid penalties.

Municipal and regional district tax rates are up across the board, with the average homeowner paying about $175 more this year.

Residential tax rates are set at $5.18 per $1,000 of taxable value, up from $5.17 last year, while commercial business rates are up to $14.59, from $14.57. 

For taxes to the Peace River Regional District, including the Regional Hospital District, homeowners will pay a combined $1.33 per $1,000, and $0.23 for BC Transit, up from $1.29 and $0.21 respectively from last year. Homeowners will pay an average $706 in school taxes this year, up from $700 last year.

The total tax bill for the average business property owner this year will be up to $19,380.53. Businesses will pay $3.27 to the regional district per $1,000, and $0.57 to BC Transit, up from $3.17 and $0.51 respectively from last year.

Major industry will pay $28.78 to the city per $1,000, $4.54 to the PRRD, and $0.79 to BC Transit.

Light industry will pay $26.29 to the city per $1,000, $4.54 to the PRRD, and $0.79 to BC Transit.

Fort St. John tax rates for 2022.

Assessments for the average single-family home in Fort St. John have jumped more than 7% to $323,796, while commercial assessments are up about the same to $878,195, according to city budget documents. 

The city expects to collect just over $35.09 million in municipal taxes this year, up from $32.56 million collected in 2021.

Tax notices went out in late May and early June, and homeowner grant applications must be made through the provincial government at or by calling 1-888-355-2700.

These grants lower the amount of property taxes homeowners pay on their principal residence. Grant amounts are higher for those who qualify as a senior, veteran or person with a disability.

Payments can be made in-person at city hall, online through the city hall web app, through your bank, or via EFT or mailing a cheque or money order.

The city says postmarks will not be accepted for date of payment, and that electronic EFT payments should allow for two days for processing.

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