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Ruby McBeth: Seniors Club members honoured

A big thank you to both Jim and Wilma for their outstanding contributions to the Seniors Club
A big thank you goes to Wilma Hanson and Jim Vanderwark for their contributions to the Seniors Club.

Wendy Clayson, the new president of the Fort St. John Senior Citizens Club, awarded Wilma Hanson and Jim Vanderwark life memberships in early April. 

Wilma was voted President in 2003 and held that position until 2015. In 2016, Wilma sat on the Board of Directors as Past President and she has been on the Board of Directors every year up until the present. Wilma has been a steadying influence through the ups and downs of the club.

 Jim was Vice-President from 2015 onward. He contributed thousands of hours ensuring that the plumbing, heating, electricals, flooring, parking lot, and roof are maintained. A big thank you to both Jim and Wilma for their outstanding contributions to the Seniors Club.

Learning the lingo

Most seniors (including myself) cannot hope to compete with our grandchildren when it comes to making our computers and smartphones work well. What we can do though is learn the language. Much of this vocabulary has come into our language in the last five or ten years. 

My word for this week is “android.” Put in a nutshell: Android is the type of smartphone that is not an Apple product. So, if you have a phone that gets the internet but it is not an iPhone then you have an Android type of phone. When adding things to your phone you may be asked if you have an iPhone or an Android. That is where it matters that you know the meaning of android.

Sometimes I forget what I'm missing

On Easter Sunday, Lorne drove me down to Taylor in the afternoon to drop off a palm cross for Jean Von Hollen. When we drove away, we passed a man cleaning snow off his curb. I thought I recognized him and so got Lorne to back up. Sure enough, it was our former FSJ Rotary Pipe Band pipe major, Gordon Davies. We chatted and learned that he is still working at Hudson’s Hope during the week and coming home to Taylor on weekends. 

It was nice to visit with Gordon and wave to his wife Sheri who was sitting on the porch. Simple visits that would have been routine in the past now are special. I hope that when the pandemic is over, I will not take friends for granted.

Quote of the week

“Happiness is a gift, and the trick is not to expect it, but to delight in it when it comes.” - Charles Dickens

Ruby McBeth lives and writes in Fort St. John.