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SD 60 hosts first public speaking contest since pre-pandemic

School District 60 held their first district-wide public speaking contest this week, with 29 students taking to the stage to give talks on a wide variety of subjects.
Ecole Central student Hillary Campbell took first place for her speech on the dangers of social media.

School District 60 held their first district-wide public speaking contest last week, before the COVID-19 pandemic put it on hold in 2019. 

29 students took part, speaking passionately to their audience on a wide variety of topics, including junk food, farming, social media, and more.

Anne Roberts Young Elementary hosted the venue, lending their stage for the youth to speak. Vice Principal Melissa DeGroot said the event has been hosted as far back as the 1980s, and was excited to see it return.

“We were just really excited to see this start back up again, it’s been a long time,” she said.

School District 60 Superintendent Stephen Petrucci commended the students on their public speaking skills, a tough feat even for adults, making note of the courage it takes to get up on stage.

“It’s a fantastic skill and I think it’s a wonderful competition that we do in this school district,” he said. "The topics when you looked at the list was a great variety of topics, really interesting and a pleasure to listen to." 

Ecole Central scored number one overall, followed by Bert Ambrose in second place, and then CM Finch taking third.

Hillary Campbell was the first place winner for the students, giving a talk on the dangers of social media. 

Ben Krezanoski was the second place champ, and delivered a speech on the importance of following your dreams.

Bailey Gauvin was winner number three, and managed to make an interesting monologue about weather, inspired to do so after meeting a meteorologist.

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