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Broncos survivors reunion photo goes viral

The photo was accompanied by the hashtag #Bel13ve.

Photos posted on former Humboldt Bronco Kaleb Dahlgren’s Facebook page have gone viral over the past week.

The photos feature 13 members of the Humboldt Broncos, plus two additional individuals, in a yard in an unidentified location.

It is the first time that the 13 Broncos players who had survived the devastating April 6, 2018 bus crash have all been reunited since those events.

The photo was accompanied by the hashtag #Bel13ve.

There had been other events in the aftermath of the bus crash in which surviving Broncos appeared, including a trip to the NHL Awards in Las Vegas, but those did not include all the survivors as other Broncos continued to recuperate. The last Bronco to be released from hospital was Morgan Gobeil, 11 months after the crash.

The surviving Broncos in the photo include Dalhgren, Gobeil, Graysen Cameron, Brayden Camrud, Bryce Fiske, Matthieu Gomercic, Xavier LaBelle, Layne Matechuk, Derek Patter, Nick Shumlanski, Tyler Smith, Ryan Straschnitzki and Jacob Wassermann. Also in one of the photos are Blake Berschiminsky and Mitch Girolami, who have played with the Broncos but were not on the bus on April 6, 2018.

Dahlgren was assistant captain of the Broncos in 2018 and has written the book Crossroads about his experience with the team.