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How to make your own dalgona candy featured on Netflix’s 'Squid Game' (It's really easy)

The popularity of the highly acclaimed Korean thriller series has led to many recreating the candy at home.
Dalgona candy2
After its September release, Netflix’s Squid Game has led to many making their own dalgona candy featured in episode three ('The Man with the Umbrella').

After a Korean street candy spelled the difference between life and death in a new Netflix thriller series, the internet needed to be a part of it. 

The candy goes by a few names, Honeycomb toffee, dalgona, or ppopgi, but it’s really all the same, basically just whipped sugar with some baking soda poured into small golden disks. While soft, the disks can have shapes pressed into them and when they’re cool the eater can challenge themselves to break away the hardened sugar around the shape. It is this challenge that was featured in Squid Game’s third episode "The Man with the Umbrella." 

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If you haven’t heard of Squid Game, first of all, where have you been? Well here’s the deal: 456 deeply in debt “players” compete against each other in a series of children's games with deadly consequences. Why? For the chance at a grand prize of ₩45.6 billion, or CAN$48,179,142, or one house in Point Grey.

With that in mind, the episode that shows the contestants licking the candy like their life depends on it (it does) was memorable and… tense. The show’s popularity has skyrocketed since its release on Sept. 17 and the candy’s easy recipe has led to hundreds of people making it themselves, and sharing it on TikTok. 

The tools to make dalgona candy can be found easily enough online but really all one needs is a pan to heat the sugar in, a nonstick surface and a cookie cutter.


How to make the perfect dalgona candy from the squid game

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Clearly ahead of their time, C Market Coffee in Coquitlam offered the challenge up to its patrons to celebrate their one-year anniversary last year. While the challenge was much the same as the show's, the stakes were decidedly less high and the prize wouldn't make you a millionaire but you would get a free drink.

Shut up and tell me how it's made already. All right, all right, here you go:

Dalgona Candy


  • 4 tablespoons of granulated sugar 
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda 


  • Pour sugar into pan on low-medium heat
  • Stir constantly until sugar melts, continue stirring until it caramelizes 
  • Sprinkle in baking soda
  • Continue stirring until well incorporated
  • Pour small pools of mixture onto wax paper sheet
  • Press cookie cutter most of the way into the pools 
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