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2021 Peace River North Performing Arts Festival results

Delegates and award results from the 2021 Peace River North Performing Arts Festival
Abby Wuthrich, Adjudicator's award winner.

This year's Peace River North Performing Arts Festival ran through almost all of April at the North Peace Cultural Centre, from the time organizers and participants sent videos to the various adjudicators, to the days that they held adjudication sessions over Zoom.

Adjudicators judged the classes and wrote their comments ahead of time and then were able to talk directly to the participants in the Zoom adjudication sessions. Music students were able to get individual instruction from the adjudicators - not as good as in person, but everyone appreciated the opportunity to perform and enjoy the festival experience at some level.

At the end of the festival we held a virtual Best of the Fest Honours show featuring the top performances from all divisions of the festival.

The Provincial Festival will be held from June 1 to 5 and is also online. Delegates have submitted videos of their performances to Performing Arts BC and will be able to watch the classes and join the adjudication sessions on Zoom.

Here is the list of the major award winners and provincial delegates:

Provincial Delegates


Intermediate Woodwinds: Geneva Iten

Junior A Piano: Stella Jarnagin

Junior A Piano Alternate: Abby Wuthrich

Piano Merited Participants: Ranita Luo, Nasya Boyd, Simon Jones

Strings Merited Participants: Varenka Iten, Esperanza Iten, Lucas Wuthrich, Renaldy Zaldy


Level I Stage: Maddie Alexander

Level I Stage Alternate: Julia Bennett

Level II Ballet: Heather Lamb

Level II Stage: Rylea Krezanoski & Addyson Soderberg

Level II Modern: Ella Brooks

Level III Stage: Jordyn Krezanoski & Haley McNiven

Level III Modern: Katelyn Brooks

Level III Modern Alternate: Sophie Soderberg

Dance Merited Participants: Brielle Beard, Emily Peters, Makayla Connolly

SophieZaldy-PRNFestival-2021Sophie Zaldy, Strings award winner. By Peace River North Performing Arts Festival

Major Awards


Junior Adjudicator’s Award: Sylvia Hanna

Intermediate Adjudicator’s Award: Amber Braun & Kevin Nguyen

Senior Adjudicator’s Award: Abby Wuthrich


Junior Adjudicator’s Award: Sophie Zaldy

Senior Adjudicator’s Award: Varenka Iten


Top Performance: Ivanka Whale


For the Love of Dance: Hannah Swanson

Light up the Stage: Teja Lee

Most Entertaining Solo or Duo: Taylor Jackson

Most Entertaining Group: Peace Fusion Dance Company

Best Overall Group: Studio 2 Stage Dance Academy

Most Promising Dancer 12 & under: Olivia Danshin

Most Promising Dancer 13 & over: Katie Leblanc

Dance Excellence 12 & under: Maddie Alexander

Dance Excellence 12 & under runner-up: Macey Bates

Dance Excellence 13 & over: Karlie Fudger

Dance Excellence 13 & over runner-up: Addyson Soderberg

Adjudicator’s Award: Ella Brooks

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