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Collision Course in CBC Searchlight 2021; pushes "Crawl" ahead of self-titled EP

In the midst of CBC Searchlight 2021 competition with the next round to be revealed June 3.

It's been cruise control for Collision Course - now entering the most exciting stretch of the band's career to date.

The band finds itself in the midst of CBC Searchlight 2021 competition with the next round to be revealed June 3.

Collision Course pilot Anton Schindler says the band is pumped to be in the driver's seat
"It’s great! We’re pumped to be in a competition that’s on such a wide scale! It is our first time doing it so we’re hoping to make it to the second round!"

Schindler said it came down to a pair of tracks to submit to Searchlight 2021 edition.

"It was either Crawl or Run and people really seemed to dig the video for Crawl so we thought we’d throw that one in!"

The band released its newest single 'Crawl', along with the song's music video, on March 5, ahead of the band's much anticipated self-titled EP. Though the EP will be the band's biggest release to date, 'Crawl' is an older song that harkens back to the band's Dawson Creek roots. 

Founding member Schindler wrote the song five year's ago in his parent's basement. 

"I wrote that song right after we came off a tour, and I was thinking about the feeling of being on stage, and how nothing else tops that feeling of euphoria of being up there and playing under the lights. That's roughly the message I take from the song, though I like for the audience to interpret the song on their own as well," Schindler said. 

'Crawl' is one of the band's heavier songs, much heavier than any songs they've released in the past two years. The fact that the video currently has more than 27,000 views on YouTube, the most for the band so far, is pretty exciting for Schindler considering it might not be what fan's have come to expect.

The new EP won't necessarily be heavier in nature, though Schindler said some of the songs will sound difference compared to past recordings. Songs like 'Crawl' and 'Run' (the first single from the EP, released last October) were recorded in 2020, while the band is going back into the studio in June to record the final three songs, which were written during the pandemic. 

"The new songs are more dialled in than anything we've done before. We had a lot more time to work on them and pick them a part. Before, I was the primary songwriter, but now the band as a whole is chipping in different riffs or lyrics, and our influences are all coming together on the music," Schindler said. 

The next round of CBC Searchlight voting, for bands that finished in the top 100, starts Tuesday, June 3. Head here to see if Collision Course cracks the century mark, and to listen to the Searchlight playlist. Schindler says he and the rest of the band appreciate the Northern BC support.

"Myself and the guys really appreciate it tons!"

Schindler originally started the band in Dawson Creek five years ago, under a more heavy/prog-rock style, before moving to Vancouver two and a half years ago and adding the rest of the band's current line-up to the mix. 

"Jeff (our drummer) joined within the first month of me moving to Vancouver after seeing an ad for us, Brad (Lead Guitarist) and TJ (Bassist) joined about a year later."

"It's pretty cool to see a song I wrote in my parent's basement become a part of what we're doing right now," Schindler said. 

He expects the EP to be released later this summer, with the band's debut full-length to follow the following winter. 

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