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Doc Walker coming to town

Canadian country music group Doc Walker is rolling into Fort St. John.

Canadian country music group Doc Walker is rolling into Fort St. John.

Doc Walker is comprised of Chris Thorsteinson, Dave Wasyliw and Murray Pulver, who took the time to speak to the Alaska Highway News while on the road for the Saskatchewan leg of the band's current tour.

Pulver said the band is looking forward to visiting Fort St. John on Oct. 21.

"I'm excited about, we haven't been there for quite awhile[we were there] probably about five years ago, I remember playing the theatre there," he said.

The band Doc Walker has been around for close to 20 years, Pulver said, as it was started by Thorsteinson back in high school of his hometown of Westbourne, Man.

"They started out playing weddings and things around the hometown and things sort of continued on, through hard work, it's been through many a change," he said.

The group started recording 10 years ago, and Pulver was recruited to join about seven years ago.

He got involved "because I always knew them, we kept in touch and the time was right and I ended up starting playing with them."

Pulver said the band has many influences, not all of them country, but their singles seem to carry an "old school country" vibe.

"I guess we're a little bit all over the map, I think, we got lots of different influences and some of the singles that have come out lately seem a little more old school, but that just seems to be what came out, I'm not sure if that's indicative of all our stuff, it just seemed to be some of the sentiments seemed to suit that older sound, and it wasn't really that intentional. We've always been fans of big harmonies and I think that's why that came about," he said.

Thorsteinson is more the country music fan, while Pulver and Wasyliw are bigger rock fans.

"Chris has always been more into Waylon Jennings and people like that and a little more old school country [Dave and I] have always been fans of The Eagles and different things, and again lots of different rock groups too. You never know what comes out ad how it affects you," he said. "We've never made a conscious decisions to be a country band, it's just what sorta comes out when the three of us get together."

Doc Walker has won several awards, including the Canadian Country Music Award for Group of the Year - three years in a row and four times overall.

"We have a good couple years with the awards and we're pretty thankful for that. It's an honour to be nominated, as they say," said Pulver.

"You never really expected those kinds of things we're quite pleased about it, all we're doing is try to do what we do and hopefully people like it. We've been very fortunate lately."

Doc Walker is currently on a small-town tour across Albert and Saskatchewan, with a couple stops in B.C., Fort St. John being one of them.

Pulver said the band enjoys playing smaller communities.

"It's great because those are the people that tend to not get much coming through their city or town and so they tend to get a little more excited about it and it really creates a good atmosphere for a good show, people are excited to be there and we're excited to be there,"

He added the upcoming show in Fort St. John will be entertaining not only for the audience, but the band as well.

"There's a lot of spontaneity and it's a different show every night, we try to keep it fresh for ourselves, that way I think people will findit comes across that way," he said.

Doc Walker will be playing at the North Peace Cultural Centre on Oct. 21 at 7:30 p.m. Call 250-785-1992 for more information.

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