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Fort St. John museum news

We have big news! The museum is re-opening on Monday, June 15 after being closed for the past three months. We are so excited to have our exhibits open again.
This photograph from Ma Murray of the Alaska Highway News shows a couple of American Army cooks (note the dog tags around their necks) preparing bread for troops working on the Alaska Highway.

We have big news! The museum is re-opening on Monday, June 15 after being closed for the past three months. We are so excited to have our exhibits open again. We will be working hard to get our historic buildings open for the same time so there’ll be lots of room for our visitors to spread out and explore our history.

Please note that our opening hours have changed. We will be open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This gives us a chance to clean and prepare the museum for the visitors the next day. We will review these hours down the road and evaluate how things are going.

You will notice some changes on your next visit to the museum or gift shop. We’ll have social distancing signs, floor markers, a plexiglass barrier, and various other measures to help keep our visitors, volunteers, and staff safe. We are also removing most of our hands-on activities (as many items such as our beaver pelt can’t be safely sanitized). That being said, we still have our two visual scavenger hunts (in Finch’s store and in our dollhouse display). We are introducing a new hunt where visitors match images of artefacts featured on our social distancing signs with the actual physical artefact around the museum. We ask you to use hand sanitizer at the front door after you enter and we encourage debit cards or credit cards (tapping is optimal) over the use of cash.

ALL EVENTS, PROGRAMS, AND TOURS ARE CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. We will work to reschedule these or re-envision the way these events are held over the coming months and beyond. 

Archives & Collections

Tamara and Heather have been busy responding to research inquiries despite the front doors being closed. These inquiries come in via Facebook, email, and phone. We’ve averaged about six inquiries/month so far this year.

We are pleased to announce that we have a summer student for eight weeks this summer. Beci starts June 15 and will be busy cataloguing artefacts stored in our sea can as well as various photographs and other items. She’ll also help out with various tasks around the museum including some exhibit design.

Share Your Covid-19 Experience

How has Covid-19 had an impact on your life? The Fort St. John North Peace Museum is looking for your stories and photographs of working from home, social distancing, and living in a much different world than what we were used to. Did you perfect a bread recipe? Were your kids bored at home? Did Covid-19 claim the life of someone you loved? We want to capture what this pandemic was like for residents of Fort St. John and the North Peace to document it for future generations. We are looking for artefacts, stories, journals, photographs, etc. that connect to the Covid-19 pandemic. Items can be dropped off at the museum (9323 100 Street) after we re-open on June 15 or photographs and typed stories can be submitted by email to If you are submitting an item or photograph, please explain how it is connected to the pandemic and provide basic information such as who is in the photograph, etc.

Education Initiatives on Social Media

There are many great educational initiatives on the Fort St. John North Peace Museum’s Facebook Page! You can still access our page even if you aren’t a member of Facebook (just Google our Facebook page).

#museummomentofzen Mondays: Need a moment of Zen? Each Monday we will share artwork, handiwork, or photos from our collection and share how they make us feel. Museums around the world are using this hash tag. Check out what works of art they are posting.

Facebook Artefact of the Week Tuesdays: Learn about the stories behind a variety of artefacts and photographs in our collection. Share your memories of these items, people, places, events, etc. in the comments.

Wildlife Wednesdays: Each Wednesday, we share some cool facts about a wild animal that lives in the North Peace. We’ll also have a craft to do with that animal. Share your creations in the comments.

Trivia Thursdays: Take a stab at answering questions related to the history of the North Peace and artefacts in our collection. We post the answer the following Thursday. It’s a great way to learn some random facts about the North Peace!

Fort Fridays: We’re celebrating the Hudson’s Bay Company’s 350 years in 2020. Each Friday, join Heather and Bertie Beaver for a video on a topic related to the fur trade in the North Peace from beavers to voyageurs and everything in between (including our many fur trade forts along the Peace River). We post additional information, links, and more!

Boredom Buster

Need a hands-on activity while social distancing at home? Why not try the five puzzles that we released for International Museums Day? Museums play a huge role in preserving, protecting, and sharing the history and stories of the communities they represent. Two of these photos (museum derrick and police barracks) represent historic structures from the Peace Region that we have preserved and restored over the years.

These projects take thousands of dollars (often sourced from grants - thanks PRRD!) and hundreds of volunteer hours. The three historic photos represent the thousands of photographs in our collection that we catalogue (preserving all the information associated with those photos - people, place, event, stories, etc.), digitize, and share through exhibits, presentations, and various educational initiatives. So pick a puzzle (you can choose how many pieces to have from easy to difficult) and have fun!

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Heather Sjoblom is manager and curator of the Fort St. John North Peace Museum.