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Fort St. John museum news

There’s a great deal happening behind the scenes this past month from preparations for our base budget grant and property tax grant presentations for the City of Fort St.
The Peace River valley in autumn, captured by surveyor Duncan Cran from Cecil Pickell's land in September 1962.

There’s a great deal happening behind the scenes this past month from preparations for our base budget grant and property tax grant presentations for the City of Fort St. John to assembling the information for our new exhibit on railways and condensing it into signs.

Add about 20 inquiries through our archives and lots of artefacts to be catalogued plus a variety of other projects and you can tell that it’s already shaping up to be a busy fall! With temperatures falling, our outside buildings won’t be open for much longer so come down and check them out before we bring our textiles in from the cold.

New Exhibits

We have several new exhibits in the works. Part 2 of our transportation exhibit – all about railways – is nearing completion. The signs have been written and the artefacts and photographs have been selected. The signs are off to be designed this October. We hope to install in late November or early December. We also have plans in the works for several more signs explaining the history of equipment around our yard.

In Their Shoes: This free exhibit at the North Peace Regional Airport looks at five pairs of shoes and their four owners (or makers). Discover the stories these shoes can tell about Nurse Anne (Roberts) Young, softball player Freda Murphy, BC Police/RCMP Constable Robert Miller, and moccasin maker May Dominic Apsassin. This exhibit was assembled and beautifully designed by our summer student, Beci.

New Exhibit Signs: Check out our new graphically designed signs in the museum. One is all about beaver in the fur trade exhibit and the other three form our updated post office exhibit.

Stretchers, Snowstorms, & Station Wagons: Early Ambulance Service in the North Peace: Learn about ambulances from Dr. Kearney's Jeep and Alaska Highway Ambulances to the ambulance service run out of our Fire Department. Most of the exhibit focuses on our best-known ambulance driver, Ernie Carriere, and his experiences. This exhibit is free and was presented in partnership with the Fort St. John Hospital Arts Committee. Find it at the Fort St. John Hospital in the lobby by the pay phone.  

Archives & Collections

We had our first demonstration of our large-scale scanner last month as well as the Therefore software, which makes our scanned documents searchable. There’s something amazing about seeing a project you’ve dreamed about starting to become a reality. We have plans to scan our newspapers as well as a few books, which will improve our ability to answer research requests, assemble exhibits, and improve our database records and knowledge of local history. We hope to train more volunteers later this fall once we get a little more comfortable with how everything works! See below if you’re interested in helping with this project.

Metal Recycling

Do you have metal to recycle? Now when you recycle metal at ABC Recycling, you can select the FSJ North Peace Museum as the charity to donate your ticket to! De-clutter your home and yard and support the museum at the same time!


Looking to get involved in the community? We have lots of different volunteer opportunities available. Options include collections management, our newspaper scanning project, working in the archives, answering inquiries, and volunteering in the gift shop. We can tailor your volunteer experience to whatever area of the museum you’d like to work in and as often/long you want to work for. It’s a fun project for your retirement, can be tailored around your work schedule, or is great work experience for students. If you are interested in volunteering or know someone who might be, please talk to Heather in person, email her at, or call her at 250-787-0430.

Share Your Covid-19 Experience

How has Covid-19 had an impact on your life? The Fort St. John North Peace Museum is looking for your stories and photographs of living in a much different world than what we were used to. We’re looking for things like the bread recipe you perfected, the masked first day of school photos you took, or a short write up on what it’s like to go to the barber or the grocery store these days. Items, stories, journals, photographs, etc. that connect to the Covid-19 pandemic can be dropped off at the museum or submitted by email to

Heather Sjoblom is manager and curator of the Fort St. John North Peace Museum.