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Fort St. John prop master Julian LeClerc paving his own trail

From fashion school to Netflix to YouTube, Fort St. John's Julian LeClerc continues to build his creative career in Vancouver

Since moving from Fort St. John to Vancouver six years ago, Julian LeClerc has carved out quite a niche career for himself, and one he never saw coming.

LeClerc studied fashion design at the Blanche Macdonald Centre, and enjoyed his time though decided he didn't want to work in fashion. Thanks to a suggestion from a friend, he began making costumes and props for Vancouver film productions, and was working on independent movie sets right out of college.

He has worked on the Netflix series Van Helsing and The 100, where he got to design Asian-inspired armour and manage a seven-member build department. Later, a friend he worked with on the set of The 100 was creating a YouTube Channel and suggested LeClerc join as a costume designer.

"It became a bigger and bigger production than what they initially thought it would, and she asked if I wanted to do props for it and I said yes," said LeClerc. "It was strange to be switching industries just as I was getting into one, but it's been great."

The production company, called A Filthy Lot, makes all sorts of videos for YouTube and runs three channels, including a comedy channel called A Funny Lot, and another called A Filthy Questline featuring streams of table-top games and gaming-related videos.

LeClerc is head of the props department overseeing upwards of 35 people to break down scripts, source and purchase materials, and help build props.

A Filthy Lot was in pre-production for a year before launching in the summer of 2020, not the ideal starting point by any means for a new venture. Still, LeClerc was able to stay working while his friends in the film industry were shutdown for six months.

"I really like having the ability to do different things, even outside of my prop duties," he said. "I've gotten to direct some videos, which can be the hardest thing to get into in the real world, and I like building stuff and creating random things."

Though LeClerc enjoyed his time working in film and TV, he doesn't miss a lot of the conditions that come with working in the industry.

"It definitely has its perks. In film, with workshops, sometimes I'm working seven days a week. Your shoot days are 12 hours and be 14-hour days with prep time. It's very hectic. Though I don't mind and enjoy that fast-paced level, it takes some getting used to," said LeClerc.

"We're used to those kind of work days up north but it can be taxing, so now I have a regular schedule that's not changing every day. I like the luxuries I have now but I do miss the pay that comes with all that overtime."

Stay up to date on what LeClerc and A Filthy Lot are creating by following their YouTube channel.

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