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Tracking: Ben Matchett - "My Muse"

There comes a time for most musicians to write their quintessential take on the love song. For Ben Waechter, who performs under the name Ben Matchett, that song is the track 'My Muse'. 

The Hudson's Hope artist recorded an album, Time & Fate, in Vancouver in January 2020, which was released in July later that year. He recorded 'My Muse' at that time, but didn't put the track out until March 2021, when he dropped it as his latest single. 

One listen to the song and it's evident it's a love song, and about his own experience. Yet, though it's specific to him, it also has a quality all the best love songs share, in that it is instantly relatable to those of us who have ever felt something similar. 

"You walked up to me in that pale moonlight, that I've dreamed all of my life. I was afraid because you're a godd--- queen, now you're mine...," Waechter sings to start the song, setting the scene for this love story. 

The chorus ups the emotion and energy, and roots the song in something more than just that one meeting. 

"Time and fate are meeting, the past is gone and life is fleeting,

And I finally found the woman worth keeping, the one I'll always choose. I love you my muse."


"This was definitely meant to be a love song, written about my partner Cait. I didn't have a better way to express these thoughts than as a song in this outlet," Waechter said.

"What you hear on the recording is how it came out, it was written fairly quick and I didn't edit it too much, which is cool. Sometimes I can work and work on a song for a long time but they don't sound as genuine, so I'm happy with this one in that regard."

Waechter has come a long way for someone who's only been writing songs since 2017. He is currently working on a batch of nine songs that could make up his next album. 

His next live show, and first one since the pandemic, will be the Peace Valley Folk Fest, which he's also organizing.

The festival will take place August 6 and 7 at the Pearkes Centre in Hudson's Hope, and will feature at least eight local artists, including Naomi Shore, Rose Prairie Romance, and Airik Clark.

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