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Tracking: Chase The Bear - "Home"

'You only get to release your first album once'

Chase The Bear thrives on bringing the best aspects of classic rock into the 21st century and turning them into new rock hits. It's a paradox to think of a classic-sounding rock band having new music, but the band is on the verge of releasing a batch of new songs — their debut full length album. 

Recorded over the past 12 months, the band has been waiting to release the album until the most opportune time, when they can put a maximum effort into promoting and touring on the album. 

"I'm excited to release some new music. It's balls to the wall rock and roll, and has anything from a classic rock vibe, to some modern rock songs, and even gets pretty heavy at parts," said drummer Connor Brooks.

"The album will have songs on it that were written across the band's lifetime. We've chosen 12 songs out of about 50 that we wrote. We can't wait to release them but want to make sure we do it right — you only get to release your first album once."

Brooks is one of four Chase The Bear members who originally hail from Fort St. John and the Peace region, along with Leo Gilmore, Troy Gilmore, and Braeden Royer. The band currently lives in Vancouver. 

For those unfamiliar with the CTB sound, 'Home' is the perfect introduction. Originally written by the Gilmore brothers in their previous band, it's a song that always stayed with them, and that fits perfectly into what Chase The Bear is. One listen will have you wanting to dance around your kitchen, and may inspire you to pick up a guitar and learn the solo to Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Free Bird'.

The band played their first ever virtual concert earlier this year for the 2021 Woodstove Festival in March. 

"It was really fun. I would love to do it again, especially if it was organized and we were able to record ahead of time again. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time and I'm glad we finally did," Brooks said. 

When Brooks isn't making new music with Chase The Bear or working during the day, he can be found recording new tunes with his other band Bad Magic, and doing session work for other Vancouver artists. He recently played drums for Emily Molloy's new single 'Wide Awake'.

He was in the studio a couple months ago for what was to be his first ever solo record. However, as his Bad Magic bandmates were the backing band for the studio session, the songs ended up becoming part of an upcoming Bad Magic release. The band currently has two songs out, recorded before Brooks joined the band, but it's not hard to draw the connection between Bad Magic and Chase The Bear. 

The upcoming year promises to be a thrilling one for both Brooks and Chase The Bear. Brooks hopes they will be able to come back to Fort St. John to play at the Lido Theatre, and thanks to the recent PHO announcement, live concerts could resume as soon as September. 

"I really want to play a show at the Lido again. I grew up going there, it was the place to go for metal and punk shows. To do an all ages show there would be awesome," said Brooks. 

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