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Tracking: Gurinder feat. Lorissa Scriven - "More Of Your Love"

'I don’t want to contemplate deep songs right now. I want something that lifts me up and makes me feel alive'
Lorissa Scriven switches genres on her new single, 'More of Your Love'.

Press play on Lorissa Scriven's new single 'More Of Your Love' and you'll be in for a surprise.

A collaboration with Prince George DJ and producer Gurinder Paul, gone is Scriven's whimsy, super natural folk that has become her trademark style.

In its place is a sublime dive into electronic lofi chillwave; a five-minute swell of synths and lush layering of vocals that wash over the ears as if you're floating underwater.

"I always wanted to try doing this style of song, and thought maybe my voice wouldn't work or that it would be too quiet," Scriven says.

Scriven’s vocals are as smooth and light as ever, and though the song may seem simple and straightforward, there was much work from both sides that went into its production. With more than seven vocal tracks, the song pulses along at a relaxed pace; building throughout, but never taking you out of its serene trance.

"We sent stuff back and forth for a whole year," says Scriven. "In the beginning I didn't know what direction I would go, but as it went on, I just kept layering and layering, adding more harmonies."

'More Of Your Love' is one of Paul's first new songs in some time. As a photographer and real estate agent, he's quite busy these days. 

The two met and bonded over music at a wedding: Scriven's cousin was getting married and Paul was the photographer. Months later, Scriven saw that Paul was working on a new house music track and was looking for a vocalist to collaborate with.

"It felt empty, it needed something more," Paul says. "It was super fun to make. Lorissa was amazing and it blew me away to see what she was doing with her vocal parts."

Scriven said one of the forces driving her to work on the song was the fear she wouldn't be able to do it. She pushed through, and enjoyed doing something different and fun. 

"I'm listening more to that type of music now. I don’t want to contemplate deep songs right now. I want something that lifts me up and makes me feel alive, that I can listen to if I'm running or dancing around in my house," she says.

Though she hasn't put out an album since 2019's The January Moon with her band Wildwood Soul, Scriven has stayed quite active.

She recorded a live performance for the KPAC Sessions series in November 2020, and in January of this year, released an hour-long video performance she made courtesy of a grant from Creative BC.

In February, Scriven performed in the virtual Coldsnap Festival, and currently has three cover songs in the works with three different collaborators. Scriven will participate in the First Peoples' Cultural Council's virtual program in June, culminating in a collaborative performance video to be released in July. 

She's not sure when she'll record her next full length album, but she does know she wants to keep mixing things up and having fun. 

"I just feel like I'm ready to change it up a little bit, to keep writing different songs and genres," she says.

'More Of Your Love' is available on all streaming services.

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