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Local Arts

At The Movies With Peter Clease: Due Date

"Due Date" is composed of two characters: a creep; a freak--neither, however, is ossified in one area or the other. The creep can be the freak; the freak can be the creep--and, so, this is how their world is.

At The Movies With Peter Clease: Paranormal Activity 2

"Paranormal Activity 2" is one of those brilliant, brilliant films that cannot possibly be improved upon by any conditional situated opportunities.

At The Movies With Peter Clease: Morning Glory

News is news -- well, not quite: -- it is also entertainment -- well, not quite; -- no, perhaps it is pure discourse?--if again that?--some colloquial engine? -- not quite; not quite; not quite--; if it has some purpose, perhaps its purpose is to see

Art for awareness

Local artists at a silent art auction said they have been drawn to the vastness and drama of the Peace River Valley since they moved here, and that its awe-inspiring beauty is part of the reason they stay.

At The Movies With Peter Clease: Unstoppable

It is under my demand and command that I assume and, through assumption, know everything and all about you. --Most all of all things you. I can sense you; I sense you reading.

Find your rhythm

Is your groove missing? If you answered yes to that question it's probably a good idea to check out the new African dances classes available at the North Peace Cultural Centre in the new year.

CD Review: Peter Katz

It's almost like being at a live show. That was my initial thought upon hearing the award-winning Peter Katz's new CD, First of the Last to Know. Followers of the Fort St.

Crash Karma heading back to FSJ, make pit stop in Afghanistan

Crash Karma is making a triumphant return to Fort St. John.

At The Movies With Peter Clease: Megamind

If they can be called people, I don't like blue people; - why so, I know not, I care not; and, such, to see them, perceive them, is to conjugate them into worth (which is not so);--but, indeed, I do hate them so. I hate them.

At The Movies With Peter Clease: Jackass 3

(It has to be said, as it is, as seen (and argue if that be your will), that all is seen with two eyes, all sight (external), all hearing (internal), all taste (patterned); as so, to this degree, nothing seems to be heard - so, no mirth is heard - no