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Local Arts

At The Movies With Peter Clease: Alpha and Omega

"Alpha and Omega," a very primordial cartoon, is a third-rate sitcom within a third-rate sitcom within Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet,' degraded to "Lassie," played to the leavings of |creative| notes, which, as they were penned, ostensibly, were do

Christian Life School takes top art prize

Students in Tara Brulé's visual arts class at Christian Life School (CLS) are beaming from a recent announcement. At the end of last month, the school took top prize in an international art competition.

At The Movies With Peter Clease - Letters to Juliet

Under a night muting--cool and starlit--Amanda Seyfried, playing a Juliet Capulet wannabe, fact-checking Sophie Hall, utters a desperate, desperately desperate banality: "Do you believe in destiny?" Her soon-to-be contrivance, an English toad, Charli

At The Movies With Peter Clease - The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Merlin, as he is a wizard, and a proper one, knows a thing or two, in some cases three, about the uses of magic--the external and internal--and the magical arts in general; or as he dubs it: "The toil, whereby the wizardly resides, that dwells and sp

At The Movies With Peter Clease - The Kids Are All Right

There's a scene, midway through "The Kids Are All Right," where two married women sit with their sperm donor, in his home, along with their two kids, a grown woman and a teenage boy, and they eat dinner.

At The Movies With Peter Clease - The Last Exorcism

Exorcisms are usually ill advised--not without exceptions, of course--; as they require careful, precise attention.

Aaron Pritchett returns to Fort St. John

Award-winning country music veteran Aaron Pritchett is back in Fort St. John for a two-evening acoustic performance at the Lido Theatre wrapping up tonight, his second trip to the energetic city in six months. He says he liked Fort St.

At the Movies with Peter Clease - Scott Pilgrim vs the World

In the filmic arts--a free form--there are cases of rigidity, and poor timin', vis-À-vis odd mania for the sake of mania; contrary, there exists instances of perfect genre fulfilment, whether it be a musical, a thriller, a noir, a comedy or an action

At the Movies with Peter Clease - Eat, Pray, Love

E: lizabeth--jobless, tireless and loveless; a former fiancÉ and (now?) divorcee--Gilbert wrote a book: eatin' and prayin' and lovin'.

Northern Ambience on now at Peace Gallery North

At first glance, some of the artwork currently on exhibition at Peace Gallery North appear to be photographs.