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Local Arts

Stage North ready for another season

Theatre lovers of Fort St. John have something to look forward to, as Stage North launches another season of music, laughter and drama.

North East Arts Summit will bring artists together

Peace Region artists, arts administrators and culture and heritage groups will all converge on the North Peace Cultural Centre for the North East Arts Summit next week.

At the Movies with Peter Clease: Nanny McPhee Returns

As my love wanders, I wander; the spaces, wherein she solitudes, are broken by me, and the wheres and hows, she finds, do not elude me.

Spinning and Weaving their way through the North Peace

Dateline: Story: Right now you may be wondering, "What is the North Peace Spinners and Weavers Guild?" Our guild is a non-profit group of individuals who foster and promote the fiber arts in the Fort St John and Hudson Hope areas.

At the Movies with Peter Clease: The Expendables

Dear Sylvester Stallone,I am puzzled; I am electrified; I am deadened.

Busting a move with The Move Dance Centre

The Move Dance Centre had a busy summer with dancers traveling all over Canada and the U.S. to showcase their skills.

Funny man Al Simmons coming to NPCC

Al Simmons, who engages in "one-man, multi-prop, music-filled, off the wall performances" will be at the North Peace Cultural Centre Thursday night.

At the Movies with Peter Clease: Dinner for Schmucks

If a film, which is held together by a tedium of uninspired sequences, were, in an infinite space of nothingness, to blanket its pacing with the notion that we, as humans, must--and it insists on this must--relate and pity fellow humans, despite how

At the Movies with Peter Clease

"Salt" could be described in a landslide of words or little to no words at all, and it would still gravitate to an easy consensus: a camped-up blend of absurdity and slick, stylish storytelling. Yes, the plot is preposterous...

At the Movies with Peter Clease - Cats & Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

What may come as a surprise is that "Cats & Dogs 2" is, indeed, exciting; however, it's as exciting as an armless, legless, faceless statue, which has, most recently, been acierated, rusted, then broken apart into an aimless mess.