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Local Arts

At The Movies With Peter Clease: Megamind

If they can be called people, I don't like blue people; - why so, I know not, I care not; and, such, to see them, perceive them, is to conjugate them into worth (which is not so);--but, indeed, I do hate them so. I hate them.

At The Movies With Peter Clease: Jackass 3

(It has to be said, as it is, as seen (and argue if that be your will), that all is seen with two eyes, all sight (external), all hearing (internal), all taste (patterned); as so, to this degree, nothing seems to be heard - so, no mirth is heard - no

Chicago opens Friday

In this town, murder is a form of entertainment." That's the dramatic, but definitely accurate, tagline for the Stage North production of Chicago. Director Jenn Strachan is eagerly anticipating opening night on Oct. 29.

At The Movies With Peter Clease: The Social Network

"We lived in farms, then we lived in cities, and now we're gonna live on the internet!" - Sean Parker. We also lived in caves, caves within caves, dark ones, darker;--darker than the curved black gums of old dogs--and blacker.

At The Movies With Peter Clease: The American

"The American," a most(ly) metaphorical film, likes butterflies; it likes to look at them long, and obsess. It likes to pretend they are an extension of ourselves;--but why? We are nothing like those tattooed creatures.

Local artist captures Peace River Valley

Local painter Mike Kroacher's "Prospect of the Peace" exhibit will be on display Friday, Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. at the Peace Gallery North. His oil paintings document the current beauty of the Peace region.

Doc Walker coming to town

Canadian country music group Doc Walker is rolling into Fort St. John.

At The Movies With Peter Clease: Grease Sing-A-Long

"Grease" begins at a beach, with the tide churning the sand:--a most perfect place for conversation; and for word to progress and break into song. Danny's there. Sandy, too.

At The Movies With Peter Clease: Red

As a general rule, the more (')significant(') players involved in any filmic production, the more egregious the film ought to be;--and furthermore, if fame has thought us anything, it is that one's soul has a cheap price.

Six artists, inspired

The North and South Peace are joined by more than just the Taylor Bridge - it's also bound by six regional artists. Judy Templeton, Cindy Vincent, Mary Parslow, Sandy Troudt, Mary Mottishaw and Barbara J.
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