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Local Arts

Gord Bamford is all country

Canadian Country Music Award winner Gord Bamford is paying Fort St. John a visit this week. As part of a small-town provincial tour, Bamford is looking forward to the two-night engagement on Oct. 14 and 15.

At The Movies With Peter Clease: Easy A

Is that a pen in the corner of the screen; and why does the screen continue to fade to black--is there something wrong with the projector, damn it?--; and who's talking: and for that matter, where is she?--... is she the narrator?--...

At The Movies With Peter Clease: Get Low

"You!--what are you doing!" I said, coughing as I did so, giving a quick yell: "now, go to sleep;--I told you--now, I say!--: sleep!" jabbing, blindly, with my elbow. "Have a coffee--black--; a tea, even. Wake up. Have one.

At The Movies With Pete Clease: Legend of the Guardians: The Owl of Ga'Hoole

Oh, to be--act as--an owlet: as one, education is essential: as one, to learn is difficult, different; and as a learner, sans meddling, the birds must abide, internally, must halt (perch) and give loud stand to the scuttling, muttering tongues of the

BeatleManiacs heading for the Lido

An internationally-acclaimed Beatles cover band called the BeatleManiacs will perform at the Lido Theatre this Friday night. "We are four-piece tribute-band to the Beatles," said Greg Weeks, the group's answer to George Harrison.

Sunday Cinema With Peter Clease: Cyrus

I always thought--well... I think Molly looks a lot like Marisa Tomei. She has the same hair colour, the same coloured eyes; her hands--very small--are of similar size, and their figure is, like, akin to each other.

At The Movies With Peter Clease: Resident Evil: Afterlife

"My name is Alice. I had worked for the Umbrella Corporation. Five years ago, the T-Virus escaped, and everybody died. Trouble was, they didn't stay dead.

At The Movies With Peter Clease: Alpha and Omega

"Alpha and Omega," a very primordial cartoon, is a third-rate sitcom within a third-rate sitcom within Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet,' degraded to "Lassie," played to the leavings of |creative| notes, which, as they were penned, ostensibly, were do

Christian Life School takes top art prize

Students in Tara Brulé's visual arts class at Christian Life School (CLS) are beaming from a recent announcement. At the end of last month, the school took top prize in an international art competition.

At The Movies With Peter Clease - Letters to Juliet

Under a night muting--cool and starlit--Amanda Seyfried, playing a Juliet Capulet wannabe, fact-checking Sophie Hall, utters a desperate, desperately desperate banality: "Do you believe in destiny?" Her soon-to-be contrivance, an English toad, Charli
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