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Local Arts

Peace River Zone Festival features local thespians

The curtain goes up on the first of six plays in five days at the Peace River Zone Theatre Festival tonight.

At The Movies with Peter Clease: Date Night

Splashing together dashes of witty repartee with magnetic allure and touches of middling excitement, "Date Night" threw me in two conflicting, although indirectly similar, directions.

At the Movies with Peter Clease: Hot Tub Time Machine

"Hot Tub Time Machine" delves into crude, volatile crassness; it is immature and sloppy with unfounded, idiotic idioms; subtlety is not its idyllic flavour; and it enables alcoholic, drugged-out rampages--and, I say, all the better.

At the Movies with Peter Clease: The Bounty Hunter

Figuratively speaking, movies--everlasting or present material--are potent enough to build enormous landmarks, shape creed and weather depression.

At The Movies With Peter Clease: Alice in Wonderland

In the world of Burton, invention is scattered in limitless abundance; dreams are deemed reality, just as reality, in short supply, is judged as a dream; and nightmarish atmosphere--sleepily moving--is attendant, in mind, at all times.

Peter Clease - At the Movies

Movie Review: Clash of the Titans

At the Movies with Peter Clease: How to Train Your Dragon

Traditionally, movies inspire equalization to the author's previous works, but, with aspired learning, can gravitate to larger achievements; visionaries in animation are no different.

Crash Karma rolls into Fort St. John

Fort St. John music lovers, prepare to be astounded.

At the Movies with Peter Clease: She's Out of My League

"She's Out of My League" provides the perfect scoring system--from dud, to moodle, to hottie--as an ironic self-evaluation, rated, accordingly, from one to ten.
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