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Beatton 4H Club Report

Hi, it’s Harlan again with the May 7 Report for the Beatton Community 4-H Club. March was a good start to our horse projects.

Hi, it’s Harlan again with the May 7 Report for the Beatton Community 4-H Club. 

March was a good start to our horse projects. With a mixture of ground work, riding, and lots of knew knowledge of horse training, I have been able to teach my 
colt and my level four project Coke lots of things.

We are riding at the Light Horse Arena. They let us use the arena and in trade we do some cleaning for them. Last time I was there we swept the tie-up area; it was very dusty in there after that. I found out the hard way that level four is pretty hard. Not only does the check list have hard questions, but the riding pattern is several pages long. I’ve got the pattern mostly memorized, but the things on the check list are harder for me. I have to memorize what different leg wraps do, and there are a lot of leg wrap uses.

So, there is more 4-H project options than I thought. Next year I am doing a small engine project. And that same year I might also do llama 4-H! Yes, we got a llama, and his name is Patrick. He is very cute, but he doesn’t quite trust us yet. He looks hilarious when we come to him because he puts his four-foot-tall neck straight up and his ears go straight up too. No joke his ears are as long as a school bus. He is also VERY bug-eyed.

I think spring is here to stay now. I was outside in my T-shirt all day on Wednesday, and I did an eight-kilometre round trip to Petro-Canada on my horse. I did not go alone though; I brought my sisters and my sister Alexa’s friend. We thought it would be a nice day to ride, but half way there the wind picked up and started to rain, and soon it started to pour on us as we sought shelter in the trees. On the way back to the house it stopped though.

Yep, it’s nice outside so all of the 4-H kids are doing lots of things with their horses. Some are driving their horses or training their riding horses. We are all having fun doing it.

Our 4-H riding instructor Julia Fellers is giving us lots of useful tips on riding and showman ship. She is also making sure all of us can do everything on our riding level check lists. On Friday’s I do riding lesson with her and she helps me with my riding pattern and she makes sure I understand and know all the answers on my riding level check list. I want to say thank you to her for all her hard making sure we have our best shot at getting past the levels we are all at. She is very kind and she likes teaching us about horses and how to ride better.

Also, thanks to all the other 4-H leaders that help keep our club running smoothly. Without them our club wound not be the way it is now, and it would be harder to follow our club motto: "Learn to do by Doing."

— Harlan Giesbrecht, Beatton 4H Club Reporter

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