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Chetwynd Rotary Club working on outdoor track project

The Chetwynd Rotary Club is working on building a new, outdoor running track in Rotary Park.
Chetwynd Rotary Club

The Chetwynd Rotary Club is in the midst of its second full year of operation, after it reformed in the summer of 2019. It currently has about 14 members, and has a couple of impressive projects under its belt, including the Harvest Fest with the Dawson Creek Legion in 2019 and improvements to the garden at the Chetwynd hospital.

Next up for the young club is a brand new, outdoor running track. 

“It will be a 400m, Olympic quality running track, with eight lanes on a two-inch rubberized surface,” said Club chair Mel Deck. “We have conceptual drawings in place, with Julia Nelson and Dale Phillips leading the projects. Now, we’re sourcing funding from grants and donations.”

Deck hopes work will begin on the track sometime this summer, depending on how donations go. Either way, construction will start sooner rather than later. The track will go around the soccer pitches at the existing Chetwynd Rotary Park. 

Deck is happy with how the club is doing, and any donations it’s received this year.

“For the climate we’re in I feel extremely good that we’re getting any donations whatsoever. I know people are in a tough spot so we’re very grateful,” said Deck. 

Deck also thanked Dawson Creek Rotarians Dale and Maxine Campbell, as well as Alex Reschny, for their help in getting the Chetwynd club up and running. 

“They have been outstanding, there are always one or two of them joining us on our club Zoom meetings, and it’s just great to have them involved. Rotarians are generally community-minded people and I can’t say enough good things about them and the Dawson Creek group in general. They’re very gracious,” Deck said. 

The Chetwynd Rotary Club is joining with the Rotary Club of Dawson Creek and the Dawson Creek Sunrise Rotary Club for the annual online auction, which runs March 13 to 21. The Chetwynd Rotary Club brought in $17,000 from the 2020 auction. 

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