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Fort St. John's Red Dragon club shines in Edmonton

10 gold, four silver, and a bronze at the True North Grappling Summer Jiu Jitsu Championship

The Red Dragon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club from Fort St. John competed at the True North Grappling Summer Championship in Edmonton on June 18.

Eleven athletes fought, bringing home 10 gold, four silver, and one bronze.

Our goal is to compete against the most well-developed teams in Western Canada and gauge our progress through these competitions.

There are a lot of talented, hardworking fighters in Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, and Vancouver, etc. who, now that they’ve seen some of our competitors, will be working hard to up their games for future competitions.

So far this season, our team has done very well but we will have to work both harder and smarter to continue to see the results we’ve had thus far!

Here are the results, in no particular order:

  • Frazetta Laprairie - gold Gi / gold No Gi

  • Sebastian Stepski - gold Gi / gold No Gi

  • Nate Matsalla - gold Gi

  • Marlan Alcock - gold Gi / gold No Gi

  • Cooper Wilson - bronze Gi / silver No Gi

  • Avery Collins

  • Drew Samuelson

  • Emily Brain - gold Gi / silver No Gi

  • Jhuztine Orcena - gold Gi / gold No Gi

  • Mika Hockman - silver Gi

  • Damian Stepski - silver No Gi

Great job, everyone!

- Professor Ben