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Green Valley 4H Club Report

Arlee Newsham brings you the latest Green Valley 4H report.
Some cows get a snack on a chilly November day.

Wow! Time is really flying. It’s hard to believe that we’ve already had our projects for a whole month! We have been filling those days with feeding, halter breaking and quieting our animals.

The process of halter breaking an animal is hard work but very rewarding. There are a few different ways to accomplish the goal.

Some of my fellow club members start by haltering their projects as soon as they get them home. The animals are then tied up and they are led to water everyday right off the start. This is a great way to get them leading as there is a reward at the end of every lead!

Other members leave a longer rope on their animals after getting the halter on. The animal learns to give to pressure quickly and it makes the process of leading easier.

An interesting method of halter breaking and leading that I researched, was using a donkey to teach the animal to lead. The animal is tied to a donkey’s harness and the donkey helps break the animal to lead. 

Once our animals are quiet and leading well, we will begin working on our showmanship. Showmanship is a class where we are judged on how well we present our animals during the class. They need to stand square, that is, to have all four legs under the animal and to stand firmly on all four legs. As well behave while being inspected, and be relaxed and comfortable in front of a crowd. The handler needs to groom their animal exceptionally well, to enter the ring clean and organized,  to show pride in their project, and to smile and enjoy their time in the ring.

It’s a lot of work but we’ll worth it.

The Green Valley 4-H Club is excited to offer raffle tickets for two 4-H raised halves of beef. These tickets are $10.00 each and are available from any Green Valley member.

It’s a great way to support 4-H, while filling your freezer with an exceptional product

Until next time,

- Arlee Newsham, Club Reporter, Green Valley 4-H Club