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New 4H Ambassador takes the reins

Hello readers! My name is Rheana Gilbert and I am the new North Peace BC 4-H Ambassador, better known as one of the “faces of 4-H in BC”.
Silver Willow 4H
The Silver Willow 4H Club.

Hello readers! My name is Rheana Gilbert and I am the new North Peace BC 4-H Ambassador, better known as one of the “faces of 4-H in BC”. I have been a member of the Silver Willow 4-H club for the past six years and have held many different executive positions, such as treasurer, secretary and president.

I have completed multiple beef projects and participated in many province-wide traveling opportunities. 4-H has built me as a person and given me many new skills and amazing opportunities as a young adult and a member of our district and community. As a 4-H BC Ambassador I am selected to act as a communicator and teacher of our young community.

As Ambassadors we educate the public and our members with a strong understanding about 4-H and the opportunities it offers to us and others. It is an honour and responsibility to assist our region with any 4-H endeavour that is sent our way.

Our 4-H motto, ‘Learn to do by doing’, has taken on a whole new meaning since Covid produced many new challenges and restrictions for us to work around in the past, present, and future years. We have learned how to keep our members and community safe as we try to continue to allow our members to learn and grow as future leaders of our community.

Many events have been cancelled or reduced to stop any possible spread of the virus. I cannot voice enough how proud we are of our leaders, members and 
parents for pioneering through this obstacle. 

Nevertheless, the show must go on. We have begun participating in Zoom calls for club, district and provincial wide meetings to stay in touch. Any events that must be done in person have been modified to keep everyone safe and Covid free. As much as our members miss the shows and social events, we must keep our community safe. 

Our North Peace District still continues on with Beef, Sheep, Swine, Horse, Dog, and Leather craft projects. This year we are also welcoming in many new projects that we hope will spark some interest in our young community. We have welcomed in Honey Bees, Gardening, Poultry and Photography projects. 

Myself and many others are very excited about the new projects and can’t wait to see how they turn out at achievement time. 

Specific details on each project will be on our 4-H BC website and Facebook page.

— Rheana Gilbert, North Peace BC 4H Ambassador