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North Peace Secondary Grizzlies Weekly Athletics Update

Track & field, rugby, and soccer on the menu
npss-2022 track
The North Peace Secondary Grizzlies track & field team is back home after a very successful weekend in Prince George.

Over the weekend Track and Field students represented our school at the Sub Zero Track Meet in Prince George. The team was led by the varsity athlete presence of Elanor Copes, with cheering, great sportsmanship and leading by example with three first-place finishes.

North Peace was dominant in their races. Tommaso Andreassi (100 m), Ronin Laurie (800 m), Elanor Copes (100 m and 400 m), Isabel Amboe (1500 m), and Raelle Amboe (1500 m) all blew away their competition getting first place all around. Raelle also grabbed second in the 400 m race. Ava Long and Jayden Whitford had some great races as well, they showed great heart in all of them, but were unable to get the results they wanted and learnt what they needed to improve on. 

In jumping events, Jayden Whitford was beaten by a mere 4 cm in long jump, getting himself a second place finish. In the long jump pit, Elanor Copes and Isabel Amboe battled it out. Isabel did not seem to find her stride, but was still able to pull off fourth place. Elanor set a new personal best, winning the event by a 60 cm margin. Sticking with the jump pit, Raelle Amboe had some amazing triple jumps and earned herself a first-place finish. The team's final jumping event was high jump, in the girls 16-17 age group, Raelle Amboe and Isabelle Bojczuk pushed each other to jump higher. Down to three competitors, Raelle won third place. Meanwhile, Isabelle pushed on and completed two more jumps, getting 133 cm, this secured her the second place finish.

Getting out of their comfort zone, Isabel Amboe, Raelle Amboe, and Jayden Whitford, participated in some events that they just tried out days before this event. Jayden and Raelle, throwing javelin and shot put respectively, both finished second in their age group and Isabel put up some solid throws in discus, grabbing the third place position.

To finish off the day, NPSS put two teams into the final event, the 4X100 metre relay. The first heat had Raelle Amboe, Ronin Laurie, Elanor Copes and Tommaso Andreassi showing everyone that hard work pays off with a convincing first place. In the second heat, Isabel Amboe, Isabelle Bojczuk, Ava Long and Raelle Amboe poured every last bit of their remaining energy and secured third place. 

Overall, great weekend for Track and Field, next up is Grande Prairie May 14th and Zones in Prince George May 18-19.

Rugby plays May 12th in Grande Prairie next home game is May 19th. .

AAA Girls Soccer zones will be hosted here at NPSS Friday May 13th and Saturday May 14th.

Schedule to come...