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NPSS soccer team impressive despite circumstances

Like most other sports teams, the NPSS girls soccer team is only having practices this year. Though the recent loosening of restrictions is welcome, there are only a couple weeks left in the school sports season and it’s unlikely to benefit the team. 

Nevertheless, the team is practicing like a trip to B.C. provincials is on the line. Longtime coach Dan Turner has been incredibly impressed with the effort the girls have been putting in. The team has its own personal trainer this year that leads that trains with the players in groups of three, and it’s showing on the field. 

“It makes such a difference. I’ve never seen a team that can run like this or lift like this,” Turner said. “We’re having really good practices, and are training as much as we can.”

The B.C. reopening announcement last week did allow for teams to now play scrimmages, so the girls had their first scrimmage as soon as they were allowed, on May 26. 

“They played bad, and they know it. But it’s their first scrimmage and there is lots of catching up to do,” said Turner. 

According to Turner, the effort the girls are bringing to practice each practice, from 6 to 8 in the morning, is dynamite. Best of all, the majority of the team is in Grade 10, and will be around for a couple more years. If they bring this effort in a normal season, there’s no telling what they can accomplish.

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