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Peace Passage skating season off to clean start

The 2021-22 season if off to a great start for Taylor's Peace Passage Figure Skating Club.

Running a sports club in the Fall of 2020 was anything but easy. The Peace Passage Figure Skating Club did everything it needed to a year ago to give skaters something reflecting a normal year, even if it meant smaller class sizes, heightened restrictions, and virtual competitions. This year, despite the constant presence of the pandemic, the club is off to a great start. 

"We are back to running everything again, and at full capacity. We were able to get in our own rink a lot earlier this year than last, a week earlier than a normal season. We had a much cleaner plan for this season," said coach Amanda Thomas. 

The club started skating at the Pomeroy Sport Centre September 14, and has been at the Taylor Arena since September 20. 

Thomas is happy with the skaters' attitudes, in persevering through a tough season and skating now with lots to look forward to. 

"The kids really kept their spirits up. We were able to have one virtual event, that was a challenge they took with great strides and our entire club competed," Thomas said.

"They still miss travelling and seeing their friends from other clubs, but they all really progressed from just training last year. Everyone is really excited to be back on the ice, not having to shut down because of Covid, and it's really great to see the parents back in the stands."

The skaters are planning and practicing for live competitions this year for the first time since February 2020. 

"The girls are really excited about live competition returning. we went to virtual testing last year because of the restrictions, and that proved to be a nice change for us being in the north. The North region has opted to continue with virtual testing for the first bit of the season, it lets us test a lot faster and easier.

Thomas said they are planning to go to their first competition in December, and are planning for their first ice show in three years.

"The last two ice shows were cancelled, and it's really exciting to be back working in it this year and the kids are really enjoying it," she said. 

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