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Silver Willow 4-H Club Report

Hello and welcome back, hope you all are warm and staying safe in this cold weather. We held our first ever practice club Zoom meeting on January 28. We had some hiccups but it went well overall.
steers 4H

Hello and welcome back, hope you all are warm and staying safe in this cold weather. We held our first ever practice club Zoom meeting on January 28. We had 
some hiccups but it went well overall.

Not long after that we held our first actual club meeting on Zoom, and got the job done!

On February 13 we are going to have our club communications over Zoom as well to adhere to the province’s health restrictions.

Next up, we are going to have a scheduled beef weigh-in on March 7. That means each family will come at a certain time to reduce contact. During this cold time, it's definitely changed the way we had to feed our steers to make sure that they don’t freeze or starve. Making sure they are well bedded and have shelter is very important for their well being.

We are also trying to brainstorm fundraising ideas. Currently we are doing a local roasted coffee fundraiser. Not only are we raising money for our club expenses but we're also supporting a local company, Hell’s Half Acre Coffee Company. It’s a win win and who doesn’t love a good cup of Jo!

We were also awarded $500 from the Farm Credit Canada 4-H fund, which we will use to buy a new livestock blower for grooming our animals.

Well, that is all for now. I hope you have a great rest of your day, see you all next time. Enjoy a picture of mine and my sisters' steers all cozy in the shelter.

— Kamryn Mailman, Silver Willow 4-H Club Reporter