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Triumph MMA and Fitness resets with new name

Sometimes, change is needed, and a restart can make all the difference, whether it’s as an individual, a business, or even a gym.
The Triumph MMA and Fitness coaching team, from left: Ashley Rouble, Sara Carroll, Tosha Mytron, Dylan Lielke and Lee Coogan.

Sometimes, change is needed, and a restart can make all the difference, whether it’s as an individual, a business, or even a gym. After three years under one name, Fivestar MMA has rebranded and changed its name to Triumph MMA and Fitness, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

“We’ve gone through a lot of changes and struggles in the past year and persevered, and that’s why we chose the name Triumph. It also fits in with the many different things we offer here. Whatever your personal triumph is, we’re open for you,” said Triumph owner and coach Tosha Mytron.

Mytron and her team of coaches and trainers are ringing in the new era with a busy next few months. First up for the team is the Ballroom Boxing card in Grande Prairie on April 20, the first competition Triumph will participate in under its new name.

“We’re really excited to be competing again. It’s been a while for us and we have some great boxers looking to get in the ring,” said Mytron.

Braiden McDougall, Martin Klassen and Isaac McAleney will be all competing for the first time, either as an adult or as a boxer.

McDougall made the B.C. provincial wrestling team in high school, and is now adding boxing to the mix as he progresses towards a MMA career. He has trained with Triumph for five months and is ready for his first fight.

“I’ve learned so much in such a short time. I didn’t know anything at first, and I can’t wait to finally get in there, see what a real fight is like and have my hand raised in victory,” McDougall said.

Assistant boxing coach Ashley Rouble likes what she sees from this new crop of fighters.

“They have a short fight camp, but they’re all so eager to get in the ring and it’s been a lot of fun helping them,” she said.

Rouble is a part of a strong coaching staff, one of Triumph’s strengths. A former national boxing champion, Rouble spent a year in Ontario away from the sport, and now that she’s back in Fort St. John, she’s eager to step back into the ring, both in terms of coaching and competing.

“I really missed the sport and it motivated me to start coaching, as well as training for my own fights,” said Rouble.

Rouble will be competing in a kickboxing tournament in Tumbler Ridge in June, with more Triumph fighters joining her on the card.

In addition to Rouble and Mytron, who coaches boxing and kickboxing, Triumph also has Dylan Lielke coaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), MMA, and kickboxing; Sara Carroll doing dryland training, and Lee Coogan coaching No Gi BJJ.

“It’s really nice to have a fresh start, and our BJJ program is really strong right now, the largest in town,” said Lielke.

Mytron said Triumph will host its first fight event in the fall, and is working on hosting an inter-gym kickboxing tournament in the summer.  

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