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Wonowon 4-H Report

It’s a lot of work, but that's one of my favourite things about 4-H, that you get to spend lots of time with animals.

Good Morning Everyone! I hope you all are exited about summer coming!

On June 19, Sara and I caught our 4-H calves. It went good; since my calf is smaller then Sara’s, we just trapped him in a corner and put the halter on him. Then we tied him up to a tub and let him pull on it. Sara’s calf was little harder because it is bigger and it wasn’t as friendly, so we had to snare it, but it didn’t like grain enough to get the rope around its neck that way. We had to kind of get it to walk into a trap. We did eventually get the rope around its neck and put the halter on her. Sara’s calf fought quite bit more then mine did. They have been tied for five days now and they are doing good. They also now really like grain too, so that's great!

District 4-H Achievement Days is on July 8 to 11, for the 4-H’ers anyway, the 9th and the 10th will be showing the animals/projects, but on the 10th, at the end of day when most of the shows are over, there is also the sale. It starts at 5 p.m. There will be steers, sheep, and swine for sale. There will also be horse shows, cow/calf shows, heifer shows, dog shows, swine shows, sheep shows, beef shows, water fights, and dancing. Come join us, you all are invited. There will also be clover buds and gardening. If you just want to come and watch, you can totally do that! It’s welcome to everyone.

Hopefully you know what 4-H is, but, if you don’t, I will tell you little about it. Well, you see Achievement Days is the end result for everyone’s projects, some projects are longer then others but we all still put in a lot of work to get these animals ready for Achievement Days! We spend time with them everyday. Petting them, halter breaking them, leading them, weighing them every month, clipping them, getting them used to noise, getting them used to different people, getting them used to the show halter, getting them used to the show stick, getting it where you can just walk up and catch them anywhere, anytime, and so much more.

It’s a lot of work, but that's one of my favourite things about 4-H, that you get to spend lots of time with animals. My sister and I both love animals, a lot of people do, so pop in to have a look if you are interested. A very special Thank You to Co-Op for sponsoring this page.

— Grace Trask, Wonowon 4-H Club Reporter